13x13 Navy Bulk Washcloths Bleach Shield¨ 100% Cotton - 1.5 Lb

Navy Blue Washcloths in Bulk. These Bleach Shield, Bleach Proof washcloths are of a Premium Plus ring spun quality cotton. Widely used by Salons. Can wash in Hot water or Bleach & Cold Water to remove stains. Perfect to use as Makeup removal towels.
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Bleach Shield®
1.5 lb/doz
13 x 13
Navy Blue
100% Cotton
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Navy 13x13 Bleach Shield Washcloths Full Terry

Please note this is a Washcloth size towel, if you are looking for a bigger Bleach Shield Salon towel then choose from sizes 16x26 or 16x28.

Please take a look at our wholesale Spa BathRobes and Spa Shower Bath Wraps for your Spa needs.

These are FULL TERRY Washcloths. Which means there is no border within the washcloth.


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