Hand Towels for Restaurants

Most hotels still use cloth hand towels even in the era of disposable hand towels. Hotels and restaurants chose to use cloth hand towels because they speak volumes about the quality of the hotel, its level of luxury. A lot of customers prefer hotels and restaurants that show a bit of class and luxury and hand towels contribute significantly to this perception of quality.

Hand towels are small towels often used to dry hands after washing them. Restaurants can place them strategically in washrooms and hang them or fold them and place them around sinks so that customers can access them easily. It is always important for restaurants to keep up with the image of cleanliness and they can improve this image by providing a new hand towel for each customer. Clients will not like it if they are given the same hand towel that has been used by another person.

The best way to ensure that a restaurant has enough towels for each customer is to buy them in bulk. A lot of towel manufacturers often offer this service of supplying hand towels in bulk. They also give their customers the opportunity to choose the quality they want, the color and even the designs. Many of these suppliers can also custom make hand towels for restaurants to maybe portray their brand or name.

However, it is always important to check on the quality of the hand towels you are ordering especially when buying them in bulk. Some suppliers often fail to produce hand towels of high quality. Most of them will offer numerous hand towels at an unbelievably cheap price. This should always be caution that the quality of the hand towel could be in question.

However, price alone cannot be a determinant of the quality. Restaurants will have to do due diligence of a company before purchasing hand towels from them. Our company Towel Hub often produces and supplies hand towels of the highest quality at affordable prices.