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Save your Bar Money

Bars are super busy with pouring drinks and providing great services to their partrons. Most bar owners know that the need to use paper towels or hand towels. Ditch the paper towel and purchase strong and durable hand towels that will help you quickly clean up spills and crums. Hand towels represent a very big percentage of the cleanliness of the facility.

Reduce Golf Course Maintenance Cost

Golf is one of the best sports that is loved around the world, with tournaments that offer huge sums of money, attracting some of the best players in the field. As a golf course owner you constantly looking to enhance your golf course and keep cost down.

Why Buy Bulk Beach Towels For Promo Industry?

The beach is always frequented by many people, especially during summer holidays, when people are out there in celebration of the season. Beach towels become an item where you can brand your hotel name, company logo or product. This makes for a fun promotional product, or a great gift.

Savings for your Bed & Breakfast

If you are owner of the bed and breakfast, you are always busy from taking care of guest to upkeep duties.  There are inherent costs to running a bed and breakfast as you man know, therefore, are some things you can do to reduce cost.  Have energy audit, meaning have a professional come to your home and see where you are wasting energy unnecessarily.

Ways to save on Bath Towels for Hotels

Bath towels are generally very important items of any hotel or resort. While costly purchasing a towel can be costly partnering with a towel manufacture.

Bath Robes for Hotels for Le$$.

Just like other hotel amenities, bath robes are a very important amenity that speaks a lot about the hotel.

Spa Robes for Spas

Spa robes are very important parts of the luxurious experience of spas. They are very important for improving the luxurious view of a spa because customers often view them as being things of luxury that can only be found in hotels and spas.

Quality Golf Towel for Club

Golf towels are essential for your business and you will need to find ways to you purchase them efficiently without sacrificing quality.  

Hand Towels for Restaurants

Most hotels still use cloth hand towels even in the era of disposable hand towels. Hotels and restaurants chose to use cloth hand towels because they speak volumes about the quality of the hotel, its level of luxury. A lot of customers prefer hotels and restaurants that show a bit of class and luxury and hand towels contribute significantly to this perception of quality.

Washcloth for Hotels

Washcloths  are essential to stock as they are used in baths and washrooms as they are used frequently by  customers. Many customers depend on washcloths as they are needed to replace loofahs that travelers do not want to pack. When a family stays at your hotel it important to provide them with washcloths as people depend on hotels to provide it.